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December 29, 2011




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Very excited to tell you that my new web site is almost ready to be unveiled.  I'll let you know how to access it once it's up and running.

And by the way, if you're in need of web-site design and myriad other related web and design tasks, as far as I'm concerned, nobody does it better than Nate Schaub at Mindflint Media.

Here's wishing you all peace, love, good health, and an abundance of love in 2012.

Please remember to take good care of yourselves, and of each other, over the holiday season. 

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The CocktailianThe Cocktailian




Here's what's happening this week at Simon Difford's

Dear Discerning Drinker,

Merry Christmas. We're on holiday, but we've just had time to put together a review of the best products which graced the pages of digital CLASS magazine in 2011, along with our choice of London's best new bars from the past year, and some reviews of Christmas ales.

We've also re-uploaded the most-read articles from the digital magazine this year - a snapshot reminder of the cutting edge of contemporary bartending.

Here's what you'll find:

  • The Top 50 Spirits & Liqueurs from 2011
  • Editor's Pick: the best London bar openings from 2011
  • Xmas Brews: our pick of the best Christmas Ales
  • CLASS Awards: those results in full again
  • How to run a bar, by Luca Cordiglieri
  • Creating an award-winning menu, by Malcolm Spence
  • Flair: add your comment to that debate
  • King of Garnishes: the creative genius of Nightjar
  • G&Tea reborn: tea cocktails by Beefeater
  • Learn to Hard Shake: with Hidetsugu Ueno
  • Smoking Cocktails: Hong Kong's Antonio Lai
  • Dale DeGroff: on film

... and more.

To read this week's issue click here.

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Bartender's BookshelfBartender's Bookshelf

Own Part of the Future Today!

Well, you won't actually own part of the future, per se, since the future's just a concept that doesn't really exist.  Unless it does, and we just can't remember it . . .

Anyway, if you order next year's Annual Manual for Bartenders now, you'll


Well, not really big bucks, per se, but you'll save $5, and that's 25.06265664160401% off the regular price of $19.95 US, plus shipping.


Click any of the links above and get your order in


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Drink du Jour

Our Drink du Jour column is sponsored by the good folk at, and we think that you're going to enjoy what they're bringing to the party.

Get the Daily Expert Guide to Cocktails & Spirits


Cocktail Countdown

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, a tasty, warm cocktail is appropriate. Make the Mexican Hot Chocolate, Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch or Hot Caramel Buttered Rum.


Veselka Bowery

The beloved Ukrainian restaurant in the East Village recently opened this new outpost, which holds a full liquor license. It has a long list of vodkas and some inventive cocktails, including a kielbasa-infused Bloody Mary.

Veselka Bowery
9 East 1st Street (@ Bowery)
New York, NY
Tel: 212 387 7000

Highlight Reel: December

Foward this EmailInvite Someone

Turn images on. It’s hard to believe, but there are only three days left in 2011. And between New Year’s Eve preparations and the rest of the holidays, it’s been a busy month. So just in case you missed any of our stories, here are five of’s best cocktails-and-spirits features from December. Enjoy!

Masters of Mixology: advisor and award-winning author David Wondrich explores the history of famed Cuban bartender Constante Ribalaigua Vert and his Havana watering hole.

Farm to Drink:
Talented mixologist Charlotte Voisey hosts our latest video about creating seasonal spirit infusions with fresh fruits and herbs. Watch it now.

Holiday Gift Guide: Scotch:
We asked Angus McShane and Pedro Shanahan of downtown Los Angeles whiskey bar Seven Grand for their favorite single malts, any of which are perfect for a cold winter’s night.

5 Tips: Eggnog:
It wouldn’t be the holidays without a glass of Eggnog. So we got Derek Brown, owner of the swanky Columbia Room in Washington, D.C., to give us his advice for whipping up the classic.

The Myth of Prohibition:
Prohibition came to an end 78 years ago on December 5. In honor of the occasion, acclaimed writer and advisor Gary Regan tried to find out which great cocktails (if any) were invented during this dry period.

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harry craddock

Craddock's Corner

Here's where we bring you links to boozey stories from all over the place (and where we've placed a picture of Harry Craddock, author of one of the world's most important tomes, The Savoy Cocktail Book)

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Potent Quotables

Use But Do Not Abuse

“From Sazerac dc Forge & Fits, Angouleme, France:   In France one can drink as much wine and spirits as one wishes. There is no restriction except for absinthe, which is prohibited. Our soldiers get wine with each meal and also some brandy in small quantities, however, the rule, "use but do not abuse," is accepted by all of us.  Mixer and server, Volume 26, Hotel and Restaurant Employee's International Alliance and Bartenders' International League of America, 1917.

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Hot LinksHot Links

  • Alcedemics  Camper English is a San Francisco-based freelance writer and consultant who specializes in cocktails and spirits, with a touch of travel thrown in.

  • Arthur Shapiro's Booze Business Blog
    Our old friend Arthur Shapiro spills some fabulous booze-related tales on his blog, Booze Business.  Go pay him a visit.

  • Art of Drink  Art of Drink was spontaneously created in October 2005 as a way to document information on all things drink related.  Currently Art of Drink is ranked among the top, if not the top, cocktail blogs on the Internet.

    Don't forget to pay Uncle Brian a visit at the barkeeper. This guy has stuff on his blog that you'll never find anywhere else in the world. Don't say we didn't tell you.

  • Bay Area Spirits is the David-vs-Goliath blog that focuses on craft distillers and artisanal, handcrafted and hard-to-find spirits and cocktails.

  • Booze for Thought is a blog by Charles Hardwick that's based on the belief that the best garnish for a great cocktail is a good story.  And Charles tells a good story.

  • The Cocktail Chronicles The Cocktail Chronicles is updated somewhat regularly by Paul Clarke, a Seattle-based cocktail enthusiast . . . I’ve taken the “roll your own” ethic of David Embury to heart, spending countless hours reading about, mixing and studying an array of cocktails, with a special emphasis on early- and mid-20th century classics.

  • The Cocktail Guru
    Wanna See What Jonathan Pogash is Up To This Week?  Go worship The Cocktail Guru.

  • Drinks Ink Blog
    Wherein a sharp-tongued boozehound (Jack Robertiello) shares what he thinks about what he drinks, among other things.

  • "Fork & Shaker is a metaphor for two of my great passions in life –food & drink. Maybe this site will make you thirsty. Maybe it will make you hungry. Maybe it will show you that the world of cocktails and other fine libations can be found all over the world. But if it does nothing more than help you appreciate all that is beautiful and unique when the crossroads of food and drink meet, then that will make me very happy," Naren Young.

  • Good Spirits News reports on the latest trends in mixology from around the world. reviewing spirits, liqueurs, and bitters, the best new spirited publications, bartender competitions, and cocktail events.  The site also includes interviews with the likes of gaz regan, Paul Pacult, and Dave Wondrich. to name but a few.

  • Jeffrey Morgenthaler writes about bartending and mixology from Portland, Oregon.

  • The Jerry Thomas Project is the re-creation of all of Jerry Thomas' cocktails from Jerry Thomas' Bar-Tenders Guide: Receipts for Mixing in their purest form.

  • The Liquid Muse was launched in 2006 by Natalie Bovis, a cocktail book author, freelance writer, and mixologist.  With 20 years experience in front-of-the-house hospitality, Natalie now shares her favorite cocktail bars, spirits, and wines from around the world via her website, radio, video, and television.

  • Professor Cocktail is the not-so-secret identity of David J. Montgomery, professional book critic by day and amateur cocktailian by night.

  • Spirits and Cocktails by Jamie Boudreau.  Jamie’s thirst for cocktail minutia is infamous, and if conversation turns to a subject that he is unsure of, you can be assured that he will research it as soon as possible. He has a love for the classics, but at the same time is always looking for new, exciting ingredients with which to try out new recipes.
  • Spirits Review   Reviews of booze, books, and barware. Also 4,500+ links, 400+ RSS feeds and extensive "Adventure" section chronicling adventures in alcohol in various forms. "We aim to be the google of booze"

Small Screen Network

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