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A Word to the Wise and a Nod—not to mention a Wink—to the Past


1.  Thoughts from a Gin Mill


2.  A Brief History of Gin and a Look at the Evolution of Gin-Based Cocktails and Mixed Drinks


3.  Dry Gin:    Dry Gin Defined; Dry Gin in the Twenty-First Century; New Western Dry Gin, by Ryan Magarian; A Look at Dry Gin Distillation through the Eyes of a Distiller, Paying Careful Attention to the Botanicals, by Hugh Williams; Dry Gin Flashbacks


4.  Dry Gin by the Bottle


The Extra Dry Martini, and My Part in its Downfall: A Beefeater Gin Flashback


It’s Steak and Kidney Pie Day at The North Star Pub: A Bombay Gin Flashback


The Curious Case of a Dancing Hendrick’s Gin Flashback


organized chaos at Painter’s: A Tanqueray Gin Flashback


5.  Genever:  Genever Defined, Sort of . . . ; Genever Flashbacks; Is It Really Gin?; Genever Production; Types of Genever; Genever Timeline


6.  Genever by the Bottle


7. Old Tom Gin:  Old Tom Defined.  Kind of . . .; Old Tom Flashbacks


8.  Old Tom by the Bottle


9. Plymouth Gin:  Plymouth Gin Defined; Plymouth Gin Flashbacks


10.  Plymouth Gin by the Bottle


11.  Gin-Based Cocktails, Collinses, Highballs, Martinis, MarTEAnis, Mixed Drinks, and Other Such Formulas for Libations and Potent Potables Containing Gin in One or More of its Many Forms.


12. Various Rules and Regulations Surrounding Gin Production.

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gaz regan—the bartender formerly known as Gary Regan—is the cocktail columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle, and the author of The Joy of Mixology. He also wrote The Bartender’s Bible, and co-authored, with Mardee Haidin Regan, The Book of Bourbon and Other Fine American Whiskeys, The Bourbon Companion, The Martini Companion, and New Classic Cocktails.


gaz and Mardee host the web site, publish the ardent spirits email newsletter (since 1999), and manage the Worldwide Bartender Database. gaz started working behind the bar in 1966 when he was 14 years old, has tended bar on and off ever since, and he has sucked back more gin than you’d ever dream possible. Even more than Dave Wondrich.

“Reading this highly informative and raffishly charming book is almost as fun as sharing a drink—and make mine a Doc Daneeka Royale, or maybe an 1820, or a Leo Di Janeiro, or, hell, you choose—with the highly informative and raffishly charming Mr. Regan himself (but please don’t tell him I said so; it’ll only encourage him).”

—David Wondrich
Author of Imbibe,
and numerous other fine works of cocktailian splendour.