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Bartenders and Other Cocktailian Stalwarts Featured in the bartender's GIN compandium


Ada Coleman, early twentieth-century bartender at London’s Savoy Hotel, and creator of the Hanky Panky




   1934 to present day

      Ahuja, Satvik "Rick"

      Alperin, Eric

      Altier, Marshall

      Ballesteros, Rafael

      Bezuidenhout, Jacques

      Binikos, Ektoras

      Brown, Jared

      Brunner, Bob

      Caiafa, Frank

      Calabrese, Salvatore

      Carroll, Timothy

      Castro, Erick

      Crabb, Jay

      D’ Abrosca, Christine

      Day, Alexander

      DeGroff, Dale

      DeGroff, Leo6

      de Gruyther, Gregor

      Deragon, John

      DeSerio, Anthony

      DiLello, Ginger

      Doudoroff , Martin

      Ehrmann, H. Joseph

      Ford, Simon

      Freeman, Eben

      Gonzales, Giuseppe

      Goodyear, Matt

      Goto, Kenta

      Grdinich, Jeff

      Greene, Philip

      Haigh, Ted

      Harris, Joshua Haig

      Henning-Heissen, Arnd

      Henwood, Edward

      Herit, Xavier

      Hess, Robert

      Holloway, Chris

      House, Lynn

      Hsu, Evelyn

      Jackson, Angie

      Kalkofen, Misty

      Kilgore, Ted

      Kramp, Kristian

      Lacey, Timothy

      Laidlaw, Kris

      Looker, Giles

      Magarian, Ryan

      Marques, Humberto

      Masso, Dre

      Maybee, Ryan

      Mayhew, Lance J.

      McCanta, Joe

      McDonnell, Duggan

      McGoram, Simon

      Meehan, Jim

      Merino, Junior

      Miller, Anistatia

      Nadari, Tal

      Nepove, David

      Pacult, F. Paul,

      Padovani, Xavier

      Peek, Debbi

      Perrone, Ago

      Petraske, Sasha

      Pogash, Jonathan

      Raglin, Jonny

      Regan, Mardee Haidin

      Reiner, Julie

      Ross, Sam

      Ruiz, Pepe

      Ryan, Jim

      Santer, Jon

      Saunders, Audrey

      Schatzmana, Chris

      Schwartz, Rob

      Smothers, LeNell

      Stenson, Murray

      Strangeway, Nick

      Taggart, Chuck

      Terrell, Jamie

      Townsend, Leslie

      Tucker, Chris

      Vadrna, Stan

      Vexenat, Charles

      Vogler, Thad

      Voisey, Charlotte

      Vullings, Wouter

      Walker, Jamie

      Ward, Philip

      Warner, Dan

      Washington, Amanda

      White, Neyah

      Winchester, Angus

      Windham, Nate

      Wondrich, David 

      Wood, Joe

      Wrigley, Jim

      Young, Naren




      Coleman, Ada

      Crockett, Albert Stevens

      Duffy, Patrick Gavin

      Ensslin, Hugo R.

      Johnson, Harry

      Lawlor, Christopher

      Muckensturm, Louis

      Negroni, Count Camillo

      Ramos, Henry

      Rickey, Joe

      Schmidt, William, "the Only,"

      Solon, Johnnie

      Straub, Jacques

      Thomas, Jerry


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