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101 Best New Cocktails
Volume 3

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Volume 3's Recipes are listed in alpha order below, and you'll see the drinks in their full glory if you click on each link. (Yes, I know there are 102 recipes here.  It's a long story!

  1. Absolut Kelly by Ektoras Binikos, 2nd Floor on Clinton, New York

  2. Aperitif by Joy Napolitano, Elle Restaurant, Rome, Italy

  3. Back Of The Cupboard Cocktail by Michael Stringer, & Hire The Barman, London

  4. Banana Buckmeister by Gorge Camorra, Cloud9 bar, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

  5. Bases Clearing Double by Sandy Levine, The Oakland, Ferndale, MI

  6. Battery Park Punch by Donnie Pratt, Cucina 24, Asheville, North Carolina

  7. The Belfast Cocktail by Francis P. Schott, co-owner of Catherine Lombardi and Stage Left restaurants in New Brunswick, NJ

  8. Bikers Grove by Jen Riley, Red House/Le Tiki Lounge, Paris

  9. Bird’s Eye View by Steve Shur, Boston College Club, Boston, MA

  10. Bitter Stripper by Dee Allen , 399, Perth, Australia

  11. Bittersweet Symphony Cocktail by Mariano Garcia Ibañez , Banker`s Bar, Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.

  12. Bloody Nail by Zachary Nelson , The Continental Room, Fullerton, CA

  13. Bloomsbury Fizz by Giuseppe Santamaria, Boutique Bar / Ohla Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

  14. Bristol Old Fashioned N°2 by Maxime Hoerth, Le Bar du Bristol, Paris, France

  15. Bruschetta Martini by Eric Tecosky, Jones Hollywood, West Hollywood, CA

  16. The Charter Oak Cocktail by David A. Roth, Pigs Eye Pub , Hartford, Connecticut

  17. Charterhouse Cup by Adrian Gomes, The Corpse and Cocktail, Aberdeen, Scotland

  18. Chorizo and Cranberry Old-Fashioned by Joshua Powell, Bar 44, Penarth, South Glamorgan, Welsh Wales, UK.

  19. CuCuJulio by Francesco Cione, Caffè Baglioni at the Carlton Hotel, Milano, Italy

  20. Coffee & Cigarettes by Jayce Kadyschuk , Clive’s Classic Lounge, Victoria, Canada

  21. Cuidad Vieja by Alex Negranza, Liberty Bar, Seattle

  22. Cuzco Humming Bird by Moses Laboy, Los Americanos, New York

  23. Delegation Cocktail by Carl Wenger, Shady Lady Saloon, Sacramento, CA

  24. Dirty Margarita by Rob McHardy, Silencio, Paris, France

  25. Dolce & Verde by Charalabos “Babis” Spiridakis, Cocktail Bar Passo Doble, Mykonos, Greece

  26. Dutch Coupe by Tess Posthumus , Door 74, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  27. El Habano by Julien Lopez, Papa Doble, Montpellier, France

  28. Ellipsis by Devender Sehgal, New Delhi

  29. The Emperor by Valdez Campos, Manifesto, Kansas City, MO.

  30. Fall Classic by Bob Brunner, Paragon Restaurant & Bar, Portland, Oregon

  31. 53 Souvenirs by ms. franky marshall, The Dead Rabbit/The Tippler, New York

  32. Free Rider by Billy Helmkamp, The Whistler, Chicago, IL.

  33. The Fruited Pig by Chad Larson, Cafe Maude at Loring, Minneapolis, MN

  34. The Gentlemen’s Secret by Giuseppe Santamaria, Ohla Hotel – Boutique Bar, Barcelona, Spain

  35. The Glorious Socialite by Benjamin Davies, Oddfellows Chester, Cheshire, UK

  36. Golden Prestige by Nicolas Michel, the bar at the Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne, Switzerland.

  37. Grace Note by Seth Bregman , Bardo Cocktails, Oakland, CA.

  38. Green Hornet by Jesper Strauss, ABSURT Cocktails , Copenhagen, Denmark

  39. Gypsy Poem by Eric Grenier, Honor Kitchen & Cocktails, Emeryville , CA

  40. Idle Hands by Payman Bahmani, PDT, New York

  41. Inked Zacapa Old Fashioned by Monica Berg, Aqua Vitae, Oslo, Norway.

  42. Irish Mermaid by Massimo La Rocca,

  43. Jack Jazz Rabbit by Marek Vojčarčik, U.N.C.L.E., Bangkok, Thailand

  44. Jake Barnes by Natalie Jacob, Dutch Kills, Long Island City, NY.

  45. Jake Leg by Dimitris Kiakos, Bartender/owner at the Gin Joint, Athens , Greece

  46. Jenkins! by Kate McDonald, Veneto Lounge, Victoria, BC

  47. La Croix Elixir by Humberto Marques, 1105 Cocktail Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark

  48. The Last Wynd by Sian Ferguson, 99 Bar and Kitchen, Aberdeen, Scotland.

  49. Leaving Manhattan by Joanne Spiegel, Mercury Bar West, New York City.

  50. Liberty Flip by Leo Lahti, Pustervik, Göteborg, Sweden

  51. McMillian by Geoffrey Wilson, Loa, New Orleans, LA.

  52. The Merriweather Old-Fashioned by René Kronsteiner, Sea Cloud Cruises, Hamburg, Germany

  53. Milord Gower by Frederic Yarm, Cocktail Virgin Blog, Somerville, MA.

  54. Minty Silk by Diana Haider, The Parlour , Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

  55. Mont Blanc Cocktail by Lee Morris, The Alchemist, Leeds, UK

  56. Myrrah’s Passion by Lindsay Laubenstein, Enoteca Emilia, Cincinnati, OH

  57. Negrita by Giuseppe Gallo, Purple Bar at Sanderson Hotel, London, UK

  58. The New Fashioned Old Fashioned by Jens Kerger, Pinta Cocktailbar, Dresden, Germany

  59. Norwegian Sour by Katrin Reitz, La Dee Da, Bad Honnef Am Rhein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

  60. Not Coming Home by Tim Rabior, Oddfellows, Miami Beach

  61. Old Fashioned No. 6 by Oron Lerner, Mapal Bar,Haifa, Israel

  62. Old Fashioned (Red House Style) created at Red House, Paris

  63. Old Quartermaster by Michael Shea, Rum Club, Portland, OR

  64. Papa Needs a New Pair of Shoes by Patrick Halloran, The Belcourt Theatre, Nashville, TN.

  65. Paradise Punch by Cynthia Turner, Imperial Life, Asheville, North Carolina

  66. Patriarch by Daniel Brancusi, Vitae, New York City

  67. Perfect Tickler by Carol Donovan, Intoxicatingly Fun Cocktails, Chicago, IL

  68. Pointy Reckoning by Claire Prideaux, Il Lido Italian Canteen, Cottesloe, Western Australia.

  69. Port of Spain by Kyle Mathis, Taste Bar, St. Louis, Missouri

  70. Queen Anne’s Revenge by Anthony DeSerio, Coastal Gourmet Group. Aspen Restaurant/Latitude 41 Shipyard Tavern, Mystic, CT

  71. Ready Room by Christopher Day, Honeycut, Los Angeles

  72. Red Barchetta by Mel James, BC’s Kitchen, Lake St. Louis, MO

  73. Red Riding Hooch by Joseph Boley, Red House, Paris

  74. Red Thorn Cocktail by Takumi Watanabe, The Sailing Bar, Kibi, Sakurai, Nara, Japan

  75. Roark’s Laughter by Chris Harrington, Subject, NYC

  76. Rose Colored Glasses by Daniel Dufek, Hi Hat Lounge, Milwaukee, WI.

  77. The Rusty Apple by Christopher James, The Ryland Inn, Whitehouse Station, NJ.

  78. Sazeroni by René Förster, Twist Cocktail Bar, Innside, Dresden, Germany.

  79. Sencha Flip by Jason Walsh,, Brooklyn, NY

  80. Siam Saoco by Iain McPherson, Panda and Sons, Edinburgh, Scotland

  81. Smokey Ol’ Scribe by Tim Robinson, Twist, London

  82. Smokin’ Hopps by Seth Laufman, Burritt Room, San Francisco, CA

  83. South of Heaven by George Megalokonomos, Food Mafia, Glyfada, Athens, Greece

  84. Spanish Inquisition by Scott Diaz, Elliott’s Oyster House, Seattle, WA.

  85. St. Joseph’s by Chris Hannah, French 75 Bar , New Orleans

  86. Strega Sour by Junior Ryan, Clyde Common, Portland, OR

  87. A Tale of Two Roberts by Frank Caiafa, Peacock Alley, The Waldorf=Astoria, New York City.

  88. 10 Bloods by Kelvin Wood, The Soul , Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

  89. Third Day in Taipei by Aaron Feder, OUNCE Taipei, Taiwan

  90. The Trainspotter by Thomas Newcomb, The Continental Room, Fullerton, CA.

  91. Trinity Avenue by Mark Holmes, Vanilla Rooms, Cardiff, Welsh Wales

  92. Trott On by Nick Koumbarakis, Orphanage, Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa

  93. A 23-year-old Girl by Foxyie Wong, The Soul, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

  94. A Two-Fold Operation by Phoebe Esmon , Emmanuelle, Philadelphia

  95. Vakantie by Cynthia Turner, The Magnetic Field, Asheville, North Carolina

  96. Ward 9 by Jinjur Van Vogelpoel, Red House, Paris

  97. War Of The Roses by Nick Caputo, The Priory Tavern, London

  98. The Westie by Fredo Ceraso, Loungerati, New York City

  99. Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire by Leslie Ross, Virtuoso Selections, Austin, TX

  100. Wildbret by Reinhard Pohorec, The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel, London

  101. Windsor Knot by Richard Yarnall, Orange County Bartenders’ Cabinet, CA.

  102. Yes Man by Scott Kennedy, Rubirosa, New York City